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NEWS fan fiction!

Title: Freedom
Authors: tarhiliel and bellekitsune
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Crack
Pairing: Ryotego, Shigepi, Massushige, others hinted.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: We don't own JE or their boys.
Attention: This fic is written by two people, in both third and second person. Beware of constant change of points of view between chapters. We like to keep things interesting.

{ SYNOPSIS . . .
. . . As the world outside seems to collapse in a snow storm, the boys are hopelessly stuck in an old, empty hotel.

With no other choice but to be around each other (and Yamapi's endless ramblings) every single moment of the day, they must find a way to collaborate and create what could be the most important album in their careers.

Cut off from any contact with the outside world, they start to realize that the prison they find themselves in is what will ultimately give them the freedom they have always wanted . . .

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